Keynote speakers

Charles Hampden-Turner – a British management philosopher, and Senior Research Associate at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge since 1990. He is the creator of Dilemma Theory, and co-founder and Director of Research and Development at the Trompenaars-Hampden-Turner Group, in Amsterdam.

Apart from giving a keynote presentation, Dr. Hampden-Turner will also present the latest book that he co-authored with Fons Trompenaars and Tom Cummings. The book titled “Nine visions of capitalism: Unlocking the meanings of wealth creation” provides a fresh and challenging perspective on the current state of capitalism. Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars argue that accommodating diversity is a pre-requisite for the reinvention of wealth creation. China’s spectacular growth, the dynamism and flexibility of the Mittelstand of German-speaking economies, Singapore’s hybridization of East and West, the world’s vibrant immigrant communities and the drive for renewable energy offer different aspects of an authoritative and challenging blueprint for the future of capitalism.